We are SO excited to say that we are back in our SOUTH PARK Location!

Although we are back in our location there are till a few parking and walking restriction in regards to accessing our location for safety reasons. 

South Park Street itself is still closed due to continued crane clean up but there is a wide fenced in ally way that allows you to access the Trillium shops, which you have to access from the fast left hand side of the Trillium Building.

To access our location you can walk through the front of The Park Victoria building where Le Bistro By Liz is located, and cross the street to access the fenced in ally way.

You can also access the ally way by the back on the Trillium Building via southern end of Breton Street or Clyde Street. 

These access ways are for pedestrians only!

We really appreciate everyones patience and understanding as the rest of the crane clean up continues around us!  


We wanted to thank so many people for all their hard work and support over the last 5/6 weeks. It has been an interesting few weeks but have felt overwhelmed by the support and kindness that our clients and community has shown to us. 

Our friends at Thornbloom are unfortunately are still closed, but hope to open soon. If you have any question or concerns for them please contact them at their sister store in Sunnyside Mall, HAMMOCK by Thornbloom!