Membership With Benefits!
It's our way of saying thank you to our amazing and valued, loyal clients.
Earn for every dollar you spend with us in the salon and redeem for our wonderful luxury products Oribe, Bumble and bumble, R+CO, V76 by Vaughn, Smith & Cult and fun jewelry! Sign up here below or on the iPad at the front desk and start earning now.


For every dollar you spend, earn one Club Thumpers point ($100 Spent = 100 Club Thumpers Points)

Points are redeemed in levels and can only be redeemed at each point level. 

350 Club Thumpers points = $10 off Thumpers Shop Products and/or Accessories 

700 Club Thumpers Points = $20 off 

1050 Club Thumpers Points = $30 off 

Point levels will increase as the amount spent increases, with no point limit 

Points are kept track of automatically with every salon purchase on your Thumpers file. You can ask for your balance at any point or ask for a printed receipt that will show your balance at the bottom. You can choose to redeem at any point level  and it will be subtracted from your total points, or save for a bigger redeemable purchase. 


Club Thumpers points can be generated and used two ways.

First Way: You can generate points from hair services and product purchases in-salon, to be redeemed only in-salon for salon product.

Second Way: You can generate points from online store product purchases that are only redeemable for other future online store purchases. 

Points cannot be combined from in-salon and the online store. They also cannot be combined with any other Thumpers discount or promotion. 

From time to time we will have promotions that accelerate your point accumulation, stay tuned for details!


Club Thumpers