• L'Deux Perfect Duo Hair Ties Silver Clover

L'Deux Perfect Duo Hair Ties Silver Clover

About L'Duex

After spending over 20 years as a Fashion Designer, Stylist and more recently in the beauty industry, I was searching for a product women would want to "splurge" on (at an affordable price point) in this new economy. I noticed women of all ages at the gym, shopping, running errands, even in photos wearing a rubber band on their wrist so they could put their hair up. I thought, "There must be something more chic." Soon after, L'Duex was born.

Unlike the "dressed up rubber band" attempts in the mass market, L'Duex is first, a piece of beautiful jewelry that women love to wear that doubles as a hair tie.

Since L'Duex's launch in November of 2012 they have been spotted on numerous celebrities, in the Oscar Nominee bags, and in over 300 Resorts, Spas and Luxury Retailers internationally, including
Ritz-Carltons, Marriotts, Four Seasons and Montages.

Stay tuned for many styles to come & enjoy!

Vickie Adamson
Founder & President

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